Meal Hacks of Your Favorite Foods Made for the Speed of Life

Reinventing Comfort Foods with Superfoods

Our mission is simple: Give people everywhere access to the food they deserve, using vegetables to reinvent comfort foods to make them healthier, tastier, and ready in minutes instead of hours. After all, isn’t it time for there to be one meal at the table that everyone can share and enjoy?

Born on a Pinterest fail. Really.

Gail Becker was the working mother of two young boys with celiac disease, constantly on the search for gluten-free alternatives that she could feel good about feeding them. One day she went looking for a gluten-free pizza that her boys could eat (and actually enjoy). She searched for an option without an ingredient list as long as her arm that actually tasted like pizza so her boys wouldn’t be embarrassed to share it with their friends.

There wasn’t one.

So that Mom took a leap of faith, bet it all on a vegetable, and became the founder of CAULIPOWER. And what started as a simple idea for a better-for-you pizza grew into a company on a mission to reinvent your favorite comfort foods, one healthy meal hack at a time.

Partner With Us

We are always on the search for partners that have the same goal in mind: to make the world – and specifically, the freezer aisle – a healthier (and tastier) place. Whether you’re a brand, an organization, or an individual looking to make a difference, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us more here. 

Fighting Food Insecurity & Fueling the Future

As part of our mission to make healthier foods accessible to all, we are donating $1 million over the next three years to support the American Heart Association’s food security and education programs as the National Sponsor of the American Heart Association’s National Teaching Gardens Network. 

The Teaching Gardens program provides free educational resources to 300,000+ underserved schools and other community-based organizations throughout the country, teaching children about the benefits of healthy home-grown fruit and vegetables. The program also provides grants for schools to create vegetable gardens that become real-life learning laboratories for students to learn how to make healthy food choices.

Learn more about the American Heart Association’s Teaching Gardens Network.